What is a Giving Plan?

Planning. Not a very exciting activity for many of us. We may think of it as boring and dry. Although planning requires our left brain (the logical side of our thinking) it also employs the other part of the brain, the part where we create and imagine. With our planning we not only join God in what He is doing in the world, we get to dream and create with Him. Can anything be more fun than that?

Some of us may be more inclined to plan and “work the plan.” Yet we are all planners more than we realize. Imagine you and your family or friends decide to travel by car to a vacation destination none of you have experienced. So, how comfortable would you be merely jumping in the car and heading in the general direction of the destination? No packing. No car check-up. No map. No GPS on your smart phone. You’d probably want to plan head of time.

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