When God Upends Your Giving Plan

Many things in life work best with a plan: A vacation. A college education. A move to a new house. We plan so that things get done. We also plan to ensure all goes smoothly.  We create a giving plan for the same reason. But just as in all of life, some giving can’t be planned in advance. It’s simply part of the adventure of generosity. God uses our generosity in miraculous ways.

A friend of mine recently had just such an experience. She had reunited with a group of high school friends, one of whom was named Marty and lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, an area devastated by floods shortly after their reunion. Marty posted a request to her friends asking for even the smallest donation to help a local friend, Callie, whose business had been devastated.  “Even the smallest amount will help,” she said.

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